Jennifer Giroux is a professional researcher with a background in cultural anthropology, security and conflict in natural resource-rich states. Recent research projects have involved examining energy infrastructure vulnerability in violent-prone environments (see Energy Infrastructure Attack Database EIAD as well as project blog Tracking Energy Attacks), societal resilience, and the production of peaceful spaces in areas affected by lingering conflicts.

Media & Recent Publications
  • Per evolving security situation in Nigeria and kidnapping of Chibok girls see policy brief #NigeriaOnTheEdge and various media interviews (e.g. Tages Anzeiger)
  • Published analysis for Security Europe (SecEUR) on NATO’s role in security of energy infrastructures; Co-authored news brief on 2013 In Amenas gas facility siege for USIP Olive Branch and broader trends in energy infrastructure targeting for Fletcher Forum; Interviews on developments in Algeria with the Wall Street Journal and security situation in Nigeria with WPR (here) and Reuters (available here and here)